Practicing - student project

I just want to practice using html and css. I've taken classes in it but I think it's something that needs practice to retain it.  I can read and understand what the code means when I see it but to sit down and type it out is a whole different ball game. 

I see it as learning to read and write. We start out with simple words. We learn to make short sentences and progress to paragraphs. Well, I'm in the short sentences phase. Just like anything, it takes practice to get good at it. 

Since I usually work with wordpress these days....I have a love hate relationship with Dreamweaver and end up customizing my sites by using the developer tools in the browser and then changing the code in the editor.

Since  this course is to make a website, I'm going to design a simple site for a friend of mine's karaoke business. I may change my mind and end up creating a site with pictures of my cat! LOL! Who knows... Mainly, I want to go through a course and practice.