Lesley Grainge

Family History Author and Illustrator




I loved this class.     I have posted my three final illustrations here which used all the techniques.  This sketch was fun for me because I went straight to sketch with my small brush and ink without sketching first.  My brush let me experiment with line variation and texture.   


 I chose this old disused windmill that is near to my second home in Turkey, because it gave me an opportunity to try out my nib pen and some shading techniques.     I did it in one sitting, but I think  if I did one like this again I would do it over several sittings so I could build it up mre effectively.   I don't really feel this one has worked.


Finally I worked this one whilst watching Yasmina demonstrate her 'boot'.  I did an artist copy of the boot (not posted here) and at the same time worked on this elephant, working in the same way as Yasmina as she demonstrated.   I thought the jungle' composition would lend itself to the messy feel.   



Thank you, Yasmina, for a really fun class.  I learned loads.


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