Magdalena Blaschke

Calligrapher and Lettering Artist



Practicing on a text written for RPG session is demanding!

At first I decided that my project would be the oldest polish hymn - Bogurodzica (sung by polish knights before the battle of Grunwald in 1410).

I draw myself only horizontal guidelines which was a mistake! I also created a very poor "skeleton" which led me to a total disaster you can enjoy below :)


You can clearly see that the letters have wrong angle and also don't fit in lines. It looks bad!

But I decided not to give up! I practiced more, prepared smaller nib (1mm, so over twice smaller then the class recommendation).

I drew a proper guidelines, horizontal ones and vertical 10 degrees. I also made better "skeleton", trying to predict the real width as precise as possible.

I used a text my bf wrote for a RPG session. It is a letter, quite long one. I took me the full page A4, both sides. I will still need one more sheet to finish this personal project but I think it's ready to be shared.






It is not super perfect but I think I made huge progress :)


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