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Practicing my Calligraphy

During mid-school through highschool, I had an unconscious lust for calligraphy. I remember making my own handlettered cover pages of shcool reports and projects and my classmates would seem to like it and they would ask me to do letterings on their cover pages as well.

Until now, I still have that obsession over hand letterings and cursives and all that. When I became a mom, I make my kids' invitations. I used to save images with different variations, anything but pretty letterings and I try to make my own version of it. I learned that it was called calligraphy and I knew it was for me to learn. But being a stay at home mom with three kids in tow, attending workshops wasn't a good option. My location didn't help either. So, I just searched on sites where I can learn online and that was when I bumped into Skillshare. I got my tools ordered online as well to get me started. 

As soon my mail arrived, I set my hands on the pen and started exploring it. This is my first composition using walnut ink, Hiro 41 nib and a straight holder. As you can see, shaky and not-so-fine hairlines, a bit inky... you can really tell I was a newbie. 

Everyday, I find time between mommy duties and breastfeeding my 14 mos old son to practice. I believe, practive makes perfect. 

Here is another composition about 2 days after I got a hold of my pen. I really got the hang of it. It's so addictive.

Like baking, calligraphy gives me that feeling of being calm. Kind of therapeutic. I can sit 2 hours straight just making different strokes and pretty words. So I thought, amidst the chaos of having 3 kids, I need that peace calligraphy gives me when I write. I had a crazy idea of challenging myself to write pretty thoughts in 100 days. My own version of this #100happydays I see on Facebook all the time. Mine is #100daysofprettythoughts. I have my goal to better myself in calligraphy, find and develop my own style of writing while motivating and inspiring me to be a better mom/person one day at a time. POSITIVITY it is. 

This is my Day 1 post. 

Here's to endless inspiration and possibilities with our pens up! 

Do you have any thoughts or suggestions on my handwriting? Let me know. Thanks. 



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