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Practices makes perfect

I was very excited when I found this class since I couldnt find a calligraphy class in my city. This is my first try, and I like it a lot. I'm so happy with the results! Can't wait to see how much I'm going to progress.

I have slacked a lot about uploading pictures of my practice, but then I did these gift tags for my presents, but I couldnt wait for the ink to dry so it smudged a little bit on the A (Amy) and then I tried to retrace the l (Ashley) and it also ended up looking wrong.

I've also learned that some types of paper really don't work with the ink. The result is awful. I tried to make a thank you card for my friends parents and the ink was just too liquid for that card. 

It is from my mistakes that I learn the most, so I think (since this is not a graded project) that it is a good idea to keep track of my mistakes and be able to come back and look at them to see how much better I've become. 

For christmas I tried to work with chalk and let me tell you it is a million times harder than it looks. I could never get the Z right so I just left it like this:


I think it still looks pretty, not AS pretty as I wish it would look, but it was a nice addition to my decorations.

I also tried working with sharpies on a mug and it turned out pretty. However, when I washed it the ink came off, so now I want to get some special markers to work with. 


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