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   Whew.. Color is a bit exhausting. I liked picking a palette which is a good thing since I kept changing my mind. I worked at it for a while and I just reached the point of being tired of tweaking it. (I use GIMP so no adjustment layers.) I am not satisfied with my final result but I did learn a lot from this class and project. Thanks very much. Maybe I'll come back to it later and rework the colors.


   Practice is the key.

   I decided to color my original comic as well. (This second attempt at coloring went a lot smoother.) I did find a way to play with the hue, saturation and lightness on the whole image (after I flattened). It's a really useful process. I see how one could get carried away with sweeping edits like those.


   OK, one more...


   I am much more satisfied with this result but I think that grayscale suits this little comic better.


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