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I'm to calligraphy so I still have a lot of practicing to go but here is my first attempt with watercolor. Really enjoyed it! Any feedback welcome.

My name two ways 

Hi there! 

I am really hoping to design my own wedding invitations. What I am planning is a watercolor background, with calligraphy over top. I have a couple questions, first, should I scan the watercolor painting in seperate from the calligraphy, then basically merge the two in Photoshop or some other software? Or should I just do my calligraphy on top of the watercolor, exactly like I want the end product to look like, and scan in the whole thing? 

Also do you have any suggestions for where to get them printed? I am a photographer so I have access to photo labs, so I could probably have then printed on their flat press cards. But if you have any specific suggestions that would be great. And are labs pretty good about printing the right colors that you use?

Any tips would be fantastic!!


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