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Practice. Rhythm. Choice


I am still doing my interviews with people close to me. So far I am noticing that people see me as a great deal stronger and more assured than I view myself. I am getting feedback that includes words like capable, balanced, purposeful and although part of me knows I am these traits, I often don't view my life and myself  in this way. It has been helpful to see these unique perspectives come together and often say the same things, little nuggets of possibility for how I could direct my life. How my loved ones view me is the way that I want to be in my heart, so I am on the right track! Tuning into what our actions and wishes are saying are so important for understanding what our goals in life are. Our loved ones are perfect mirrors in which to reflect who we are in the world, how we take up space, how our energy responds to others and to the enviroment. 

10 Years:

I am 44 years old, and I am as fit as I was when I was in my mid-twenties. I go to yoga three times a week and workout-running, biking, climbing and skiing-as much as possible. I have a toned and healthy body which radiates a certain kind of glow because everything I put in it and on it are as healthy and good for me as possible. I am confident, laugh a great deal, am known for my kindness and listening skills, and am in love with life. I wake up on this morning ten years from now and hear birds chirping and the ocean waves. There is a refreshing breeze coming through the gauzey curtains and I can see that it is beautiful day outside, the sun warm and shining. My bedroom is relaxed and soothing, calm colors and well-made fabrics. A subdued palatte except for splashes of color in artwork, pillows, blankets and rugs. I smell homemade muffins and the scent of coffee. My husband must be up entertaining our ten-year old son, letting me sleep in on this delicious morning. I have a strong, communicative, honest, loving and trustworthy relationship with my husband, one that we have worked on and built up over the years. We serve as positive role models to our son in regards to good communication and open sharing of emotions and feelings. We all laugh a great deal. My relationship with my son is solid and full of curiosity as we navigate each new age of life. He makes me smile and always amazes me at his great creativity and adventurous spirit. We live where the mountains meet the sea, where you can be an alpine environment one moment and the sandy beach the next. It is paradise. We have a simple house that is eco-friendly with a big backyard that has a massive vegetable garden and a chicken coop. My husband built the house, the one of his dreams, and it is cozy and airy all at the same time. I have a separate building that serves as my art studio, a space of my own that is full of art supplies, a sewing corner, a comfy couch and a place to practice yoga and meditation. I hold workshops and children's art classes here and often have women's circles in the evenings. I make a living through my creativity: I illustrate children's books and show my paintings and mixed media pieces a local gallery in town. I am also a creative life coach, holding sessions for other artists and helping them explore and open up their own creativity. I work alone and I work with others and the balance of alone time and social time feeds my soul. I hear the rattle of my dogs' collars. I love my two Austrailian Shepards, who are the most loyal beasts imaginable and make me think fondly of my first doggie love, Olive. I need to get out of bed and go for a quick run on the beach with them, their energy always serving as a catalyst for my own. My feet hit the plush rug and than the worn wooden floor and I make my way downstairs to hug my husband and my son.

5 years:

I am 39 years old, about to enter my exciting forties. My son Sam is five years old and about to start kindergarten. Time has gone so quickly, and I have accomplished so much and feel so full and lucky. I have been able to be a present, loving and curious mom with my son, spending four days a week with him. Making forts, building fairy dwellings, creating constantly, and running through the grass...he has made me better and stronger person and constantly delights me and my husband. I have also found a life purpose that brings me daily gratitude and peace--I get to be creative, work with others and help them lead better and more artistic lives, and I get to give back to my community by volunteering for things that I believe in. My body has completely bounced back from pregnancy five years ago and I am fit and able to do handstands effortlessly in yoga class. I have also deepened my meditation ritual and find time daily to sit quietly and let go. I have noticed that this has brought such a deep peace and sense of vitality into my life. I am glad that I finally have made sitting quietly a regular activity. My husband Jamie continues to be a constant love in my life and an inspiration, as he has ventured into a new field in the last five years that moves him and brings him happiness. We live in a house that has a lot of land, space for our gardens and our chickens and Sam's treehouse and jungle gym. There are lots of flowers everywhere and the creek is close enough to the house that we hear its gurgling like a backdrop to our lives. We have dogs (Olive being the matriarch and ringleader), cats, nothing in cages. We live in a community that has a great natural foods co-op and a recycling center that takes everything! We try to live as minimally as possible, a bigger goal of mine as I have aged. We are not wealthy but comfortable enough to travel and see the world, exposing Sam to the myriad ways of living and the diverse cultures of the planet. I have become a great sewer and have been experimenting with making clothing, possibly to sell in a local boutique. My parents live close to us and see Sam often. They and his other grandparents are a huge part of his life and he is able to be with adults easily and effortlessly because of this. 

Goals for the next year:


I am back in running shape and do local runs.

I am strong and toned again.

I am eating less sugar and less dairy.

I am meditating daily.

I am able to do headstands effortlessly.


I am balancing motherhood and my art entreprenuership.

I am clear on my finances.

I am making art daily by myself and with Sam.

I am seeing my friends regularly and am involved in our community.

I am in the strongest, healthiest relationship possible with Jamie.


I am participating in local art shows.

I am organizing a CSA program for the community.

I am taking classes to deepen my knowledge of coaching/therapy/psychology.

I am doing work that is colorful, fun, light and meaningful that compliments being a mom.


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