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Practice practice parctice petrcice tarcpice derp derp

I'm really proud of this one :) I have to confess, since I started learning lettering all I've done is "copying" other artists work to try to understand how they construct their compositions. But today I decided to make my own design from scratch and I think it doesn't look bad! The last "e" could be less shakey as well as the "p".



My first class! So exciting!

Here's my practice with the Tombow Fudenosuke soft pen. Shakey, but not that bad I guess


Now I moved on to a Tombow Dual brush pen. I've gotta say I don't love the way it turned out. I guess this pen works better with bigger lettering


Now we're talking! This is the Tombow dual pen again. It's A LOT easier when you go big. Although making a sketch first helped a lot too ;)



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