Practice pages

Practice pages - student project

I did the graduated wash instead of the glazing with the small brush because I did half of the rectangle and couldn’t stand the thought of doing that multiple times. I don’t have a nice small brush so it holds a minimal amount of water. I used one of my cheap bigger brushes on one of the glazing layers and was wondering why I had to keep dipping my paintbrush into the paint until I realized that I was using the cheaper brush. I was amazed at how much difference the more expensive brushes make. Also, I got a butcher container to mix the water and paint and found that I could use quite a bit less paint than I have been previously. I was worried I was going to use all my paint super fast until I discovered that putting it on a tray with lots of water added makes a difference. Practice pages - image 1 - student projectPractice pages - image 2 - student projectPractice pages - image 3 - student project