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Practice makes... sort of okay?

Hey all!

It's been a while, but today I got to finally use the Calligraphy in a practical application. I am puting together a feature for the restaurant magazine I design, and given the fact that my headline included the word "Fortnight" (how often does that happen?) I decided this was the perfect exscuse to pull out the pen and ink. Here is a rough draft of what I have going so far. Let me know what you think!

The capital letters went much faster for me than the lowercase. I tried to include more space between letters, but that quickly went away. I also realized that I needed to clean my nibs between uses for a clean line. I thought one of my nibs was broken, but after wiping off all of that excess, sticky ink, it started working like new. Any maintenance tips for us?

I am still having some pressure issues because I keep breaking through my page, and bleeding through to the page below (as evidenced by the slpotches in my photos). Still working on that. I've also started writing out words using my fancy new capitals. I'm obviously still learning, but I can't write the alphabet forever!

Well, I recieved my new supplies last night and boy did they make a difference. I don't think that I realised that the nib I was using was broken. I had ordered a second Nikko, and having left the other at the office last night, I decided to use the new one at home to practice. Where I was having problems with too much ink flow before, I wrote out several lines of alphabet without a single issue. Now that I have a proper nib, my new goal is to work on reloading my pen more often while drawing my letters for a more consistent color. For now, here is my alphabet with the new Nikko!

Hello creative people of the world wide web!

I am taking this class with some of my co-workers, and I was supposed to post these pictures Friday. Oops! Is anyone else having flashbacks to elementary school and doing lines and lines of letters? My hands seem to be hurting as much as they did back then too. I haven't written this much in over a year, and the callous on my finger seems to have disappeared in that time frame. 

I've had a blast working on the calligraphy and practicing my shapes. Today I reached the end of my lower case alphabet, though I'm still having issues with ink blobs (as you'll be able to tell from the pictures). I am using the recommended supplies, but placed an order last Thursday for the Zebra nib as well. One of my co-workers said she likes it better than the Nikko, and I'm willing to try new things. 

For now, I have been focusing on letter structures, and as I continue to practice my lower case, I will work on spacing and keeping the letters in a straight line. I've noticed my letters get sloppier when I get closer to the right edge of the page, so I am hoping that the smaller pad I've ordered will help with that. I feel like I need to use up as much space on the page as possible. 

Until next time!



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