Practice makes perfect

Practice makes perfect - student project

I decided to make the lesson 10x longer by stopping at every expression to have a go and write notes for future reference. I'm glad the expressions weren't all standard emotions as I want to experiment with making my characters show a wider range of emotion. Here are my favourite's. I may develop a few. 

Practice makes perfect - image 1 - student project

I think maybe smaller brows would make her less menacing. She reminds me of Justine Littlewood lol. 

Practice makes perfect - image 2 - student projectI know I just love this for the blush. 

Practice makes perfect - image 3 - student projectPractice makes perfect - image 4 - student project I enjoyed the mouth on this. Also had an aha moment regarding teeth looking menacing/primal. I'm always reluctant to add teeth as I like things to look cute. Now I know why.

Practice makes perfect - image 5 - student project

I think I like the mullet more than the actual expression. I want to name him Jet. I love the name Jet.