Joanna Muñoz

Art Director • LA | CA



Practice, Practice, Practice!

My first attempts at writing:

I'll admit that I started off on the wrong foot with a cheap calligraphy kit and inks. My initial experience was frustrating... I thought I was terrible and wanted to give up. Instead, I did some research, invested in proper nibs/holders/inks and signed up for this class.

Back to baby steps! 

Several practice pages later:

(12/29) Most recent attempts:

^ My linework is a bit wonky. I think I was gripping the pen too tightly on this piece.

^ So I wrote something quickly to loosen up my hand.

^ Of course my nib catches and sprays ink as I try to write the word "perfect"

^ Still need to work on flourishes. 

Next stop: Gouache.


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