Practice Partner

Many parents today encourage their children to pursue a musical education. Parents will invest time, energy, and resources in instruments and private teachers to make sure that their child gets the most out of the experience. However, parents may not have the background or the time to make sure their children are practicing properly. 

Practice Partner is an app that will allow parents and teachers of students to monitor a student's practicing. They can assign the basic fundamentals (such as scales, finger exersizes, or long tones) for each practice session and then confirm that the student has completed those tasks. The app will provide real-time feedback regarding the student's playing (e.g. with regards to tempo, or pitch) and will provide metrics of the student's performance to parents and teachers in regular emails.

30 days:

-Create pipeline.xls

-Create leave-behind materials

-Volunteer in the music education community, develop contacts

-Create a short instructional manual on how to make sure your kid is practicing well, with upselling potential

60 days:

-Contact all of pipeline.xls and gather more from those leads

90 days: