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Practice PHP

Hi, I'm learning - I think - I hope I don't forget everything by tomorrow ;)

I'm using Dreamweaver as my code editor (on a Mac), and I just wanted to point out that to get the testing server to work, DON'T set the Document Root in MAMP.  Rather, You need to set it up in Dreamweaver.

Once you install MAMP, go to Application>MAMP> and drop the class project folder into the htdocs folder.

Then, in Dreamweaver, go to Site>New Site. Here is what I used.


Then go to Servers, click the + sign and enter


Then click Advanced


Select Save and then Check Testing (Remote should not be checked)

The Advanced Settings should look something like this:


It took my a while to figure this out, so I hope this helps someone else.


As I was finishing lesson 12, I could not get the page to display. Somehwere my code was off. I compared back and forth between the Final and Practice. Dreamweaver was marking Line 8 of code as wrong, and then I realized that I had missed a silly little semi-colon on line 4, after define("TITLE", "Arrays") 

On to the next lesson.


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