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Practice Makes Progress

Each week I like to try to do a blog on a course I've taken on Skillshare. I chose this course for my #SkillshareSunday class because it looked so fun and I have followed Teela Cunningham on YouTube for awhile now as well. 

I have had waterbrushes for awhile now but never thought to use them for lettering! So I was using a small and medium waterbrush, as well as a pentel pocketbrush rather then filling one of the waterbrushes with ink. Pocket brushes also use nylon bristles and they have the same length as a medium waterbrush. The only difference is you need to go slower to have a consistent mark as I'm about half way through the cartridge. So here is my project! 



The tools I practiced with were a Pentel brush pen, waterbrush, Pentel Colour Brush and a Prismacolour brush pen. 



Trying out some of the brush techniques. I was using pentel watercolours so they were not pigment based, rather they are stains, so the techniques shown in the video did not work as well for me. 




I'm out of ink for my printer at home so I just did my alphabet practice by looking off the screen. 


.....I have never had to yell "Don't you eat that paint!!!" so much. He was VERY interested in Teela's hands in the video.



Attempting the duel tone. You can see with the stain there is very heavy lines where the two colours meet. I will probably pick up some pigment based watercolours to try this technique again.



Switched over to my sketch pad to work with the Pentel Pocketbrush, as I was getting too textured on the mix media paper.


I didn't plan the lettering of the word "Mother" well enough so it's very squished at the end. I will amend this for when I make this into a card.


I was pleased with how this one came out, but I would like to work on keeping the slants on the same angle in future.


I tried out the gradient effect between red and purple throughout this piece.


I couldn't find my white souffle gel pen so I tried to make due with a white paint marker but the lines were thicker then I'd intended.

Altogether I think I learned a lot more from taking this course, but from taking photos and looking at them afterwards, I do see a lot of areas I can improve. I look forward to working hard to someday have lettering as fine as Ms. Cunningham. Thank you for taking a look at my project! 


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