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Morgan Gore

If You Bild It.



Practice Makes Practice

I use hand lettering everyday in my work but haven't spent too much time working with brush pens or in the 'brush pen style.' I just grabbed a few Tombow pens which I'll be using for this project so I can get a good feel for them. 


Practice, Practice, Practice:

I'm having a hard time with the stroke weight at the end of my 'e' - I'm starting the letter with an upstroke, putting more pressure on the downstroke and then can't seem to transition back into the final upstroke at the bowl of the e? 





I'm going to be writing the word, bild, for this project instead of my name - the name of my design practice. Getting familiar with the brush pens and I'm noticing I'm having a way harder time with the softer brush pens - they're much harder to control for me.

I'm also having a bit of trouble trying to draw larger letters. I tend to always write and illustrate in small spaces so I'm working on getting out of my comfort zone a little and taking up more space with the letterforms. 





I was pretty set on using lowercase letters only but I ended up with a capital B version that I'm pretty happy with so looks like a small change of direction! I keep thinking the capital B makes it a little too "techy" so I'm going to try to be careful with that. 

Final Sketch:




Vectorizing the Type:

I've only recenlty been trying to work with only straight handles on the bezier curves - definitely something I need some more practice in. 





The angle of the dot on the i is driving me a little nuts, but I'm going to take a break for today and rest my eyes! Thinking the B needs to be a little bigger but I' liking the compact shape of the word right now. 


Made some minor adjustments to some of the letterforms, kerning and the dot on the i. The i is still buggin me but I'm going to call it finished for now :) Thanks for checking it out!




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