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Jessica C.

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Practice Makes Perfect...I hope

I'm having a lot of fun with this class. I have been exploring hand lettering for a while, and calligraphy more recently. Lots to learn still but I may be addicted already.  i have a few differrent nibs, but the Nikko G is by far my favorite.

more to come.....

I can't seem to stop practicing.  30 minutes quickly turns into an hour with this calligraphy class.

Even sitting down to freestyle turns into something unexpected. Like a poem.

Loving  Uppercase too!

Update ....

i just wanted to have a  little fun. I'm starting to see my own hand come through.

Just adding a few updates. I try to practice a little everyday and I'm surprised at how fast one can improve and how differently the pen feels now that I sort of have the hang of it.

A few holiday updates: 


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