Practice II

Practice II - student project

After finishing the beginners class, I started with this one.
Just finished my first practice and am looking forward for the rest:

Practice II - image 1 - student project

Finally got some time to continue with my exercises:

Practice II - image 2 - student project

I didn't do a very good job with the swallow - the paint dried a lot of times and I had some harsch line - but I think the endresult is O.K. The Lighthouse was fun and the Masking fluid was a great help - but I don't think I will use it very often, it's just not my think - but who knows? Maybe I will get to love it someday :) Here are the pictueres again, but scanned:

Practice II - image 3 - student project


Practice II - image 4 - student project

I have to admit I don't like the endresult of this exercise, but I thought I will show it anyway. I really wasn't in the mood to paint today, but pushed myself to at least try - so in the end this is my victory :) maybe the next one will be better looking :D


Practice II - image 5 - student project

Finally, the brush I needed for the cloud activity, arrived today.
But it didn't work as I hoped it would - not the brush - the picture.
I tried some salt on the sky and ot looked aweful so I gave my best to paint it over - but it kind of looks overworked, which it probably is. Anyway I had some trouble with the clouds to - so I added some grey to give it a bit mor dimension. Now it looks O.K., but I hope, the endproject will turn out better.


Practice II - image 6 - student project

 Finally I finshed the last project...and it was vey messy My Masking fluid kinda exploded all over the place and all over me and I had to clean everything in the room, the picture, myself...I think I will find some spots that I missed still weeks from...good that we will move in some weeks ;)
Sadly the diseaster continued while painting - nothing went as intended and I am not very pleased with the endresult, but is practice :)

Practice II - image 7 - student project

 Anyway - thank you Ana for another great class, for all your insights and for challenging me alot. And Congrats on getting married :). I married my best friend 12,5 years ago and am still happy that I made that decision.

Lenna Heide
Watercolor-lover, Crafter, Councelor