Practice Examples

I'm eager to move on to the next section that involves animation but I figured I should spend some time practicing the concepts that we went over in class.




I found a really awesome high fidelity photo of Mars put out by NASA that looked like it would be fun to play with. I brought it into Illustrator and traced it for use as an svg file. From there I brought it into processing and randomly colored it using an HColorPool. I'm pretty sure you can achieve this exact same effect only using Illustrator but the point was merely to practice.



Same process except I used fewer colors when tracing the original image. Overall, I think this looks better although I think the previous one lends a lot of different "organic" patterns when zooming in super far on any one section.




Playing around with drawables and for loops. I bounced it back into Illustrator and applied a little opacity mask over the top to make it look a little more interesting.


I'm really happy I stumbled upon this class. Joshua is a really great teacher and I've enjoyed this course a lot. On to the next!


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