Practice Book

Practice Book - student project

I just watched this class about an hour ago and was very excited to start right away!  I had alot of the supplies around my house (for some reason I picked up a bone folder a few months ago.... I never had a chance to use it until now) 

This is my first time bookbinding.  I looked for suitable books and found an excellent contender:  "The Junior Classics - Stories of Wonder and Magic".  It has a fantastic Illustration on the binding as well as the cover.  However, being that I am new to this process, I didn't want to experiment with that one! (I'll save that one for when I know what I'm doing!)

So I picked a contemporary book I bought at the dollarstore, that I don't mind if I mess up.

Practice Book - image 1 - student project

Here is the book deconstructed: 

Practice Book - image 2 - student project

As I started this process with no planning, I could only do the steps that I had the tools for.  Fortunately I had the book to deconstruct, bone tool (as mentioned), a cutting mat, a craft knife, a ruler, beeswax, scrapbook paper for the inside cover paper and the paper for the interior.  With those tools I was able to prepare the book, cut all my paper to size, fold, and make my template.  I still have to source an awl, needle, linen thread and PVA glue.  

Here is a photo of everything I was able to do with that I had on hand.   I really want a watercolour journal, so the paper is 300gsm watercolour paper.  It is quite a heavy paper, so I only folded 2 pieces for each section (whereas the video showed 4).  

Practice Book - image 3 - student project

I used a tapestry needle to poke guides into the spine and pages, then used a large needle to puncture the holes.  I used a cotton thread that I coated with wax.  Next time I will look for linen because the cotton wasn't very strong and did break on me. 

Here you can see the finished book and the Stories of Wonder and Magic that I will be working on next!

Practice Book - image 4 - student project

Practice Book - image 5 - student project

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