Practically Enlightened You


i'm Sharon Roemmel. I help passionate people integrate sustainable self-care into their lives.. We do that not by following a plan or prescription, but by accessing their inner coach and integrating their wisdom.

They end up having more energy, feeling more relaxed and centered, and claiming clarity about a path to wellness that’s uniquely theirs.

My website: http://practicallyenlightenedyou.com/ My business logo is a lightbulb so the ones with "shine" fit my theme. My target market includes bodyworkers, coaches, counselors, business owners, artist, etc. Think people who want to live a purpose, but aren't taking care of themselves in a holistic way. 

Nurture big, shine bright.

Feel great, shine bright.

Nourish you, nourish your dream.

Self care your way.

Million dollar wellness

On purpose self care

Self care with purpose

Inner coach self care

A way to live that supports your purpose.

Find your way home: self care with heart ( or purpose)

Empowered purpose

sustainable you

tending to your best self

thanks for any feedback & suggestions. 


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