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Practically Creative Solutions

Carolina Hall, opera-singing accountant, believes that any person who can utilize both sides of his brain is limitless.

Carolina pursued music in college, performing in numerous operas in the Gertrude Costellow Ford Center and competing in competitions. Through her coursework, she realized that her passion wasn’t strictly musical and if she played her cards right, her skillset could be vast and dabbled into other fields of study. Carolina decided to be an accountant. She found a way to analyze accounting problems as if they were musical scores and methodically wrangle her creative brain into being unequivocal.

Holli's Sweet Tooth,  a successful locally owned candy shop, is where Carolina has worked for the past three years. She places orders, keeps track of inventory and purchases, trains new employees, and is the go-to girl when anything needs re-organizing.  With quick decision making skills and unique charm, she has earned many loyal customers and friends. 

Carolina finds success in her ability to assess situations and reinvent solutions. She is ready to begin a career of problem solving in a variety of challenging and thought provoking environments.  

To accompany her multi-dimensional intelligence, Carolina will graduate with degrees in Music and Accountancy from the University of Mississippi in May 2013. A passion for travel and love for European history entices her to begin her job search abroad for a new adventure. Carolina grew up on horseback and loves the outdoors. Whether she’s getting in her nightly training run, or enjoying a relaxing sunrise over a cup of coffee, if the sun is shining, she will find a way to enjoy enjoy it. 


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