Jason Downs

Lecturer in Strategic Management, RMIT University



Practical Strategy (Learning Aid)

I'm using this project as teaching tool. The goal to develop engaing content for my students (and any practitioners) in the field of business strategy

Students (and practitioners!) like clear examples of stratey in the real-world context. Within this magazine I'm aiming to connect the theory that my students are learning in class with news-stories, profiles and case-studies in an attempt to help make the theory a little more 'live'.

I'm currently completing my PhD in Management (Strategic Thinking) and I hope to be able to bring some of that research into the magazine as well.

The cover shot represents the 'mouse-trails' of 2.5 hours of editing my thesis. I'm thinking about overlaying it with some title text etc. 

My magazine: Practical Strategy can be hound here:   http://flip.it/tXK7f or search for "Practical Strategy" from inside your Flipboard App.

I actually want people to interact with my magazine - so I've included some front matter to guide readers on how they can see my comments and add their own. Here's what it looks like at the moment:

With each article I provide a short commentary, or ask a question to help readers understand how the article is relevant. For example:

Here is another example where I point to a particular class of generic strategies, and then using a targeted example of an article with "Niche" in the title, try to give a hint to the readers about how to identify which of Porter's Generic Strategies applies.  I am hoping for a range of readers from the purely novice to the more advanced - so I feel I need a range of articles and 'sign-posts' to keep people interested/learning.

The above article also comes with a video embedded in it - although it is at the end of the article. I'm trying to use a mix of media to maintain interest.

I am trying to figure out a way to organise the content into some sort of meaningful order. Maybe chapters?

Trying out the chapters idea first, I want to keep a 'theme' running thorugh my magazine so I've used the same kind of imagery as the Front Matter page. This is what a chapter title page will look like:

The other idea is special editions? e.g.: Practical Strategy - The Corporate Strategy Edition. At least this way, I could launch a new magazine per topic area rather than have one BIG magazine.

I'm trying to figure out how best to structure it - any ideas welcomed!



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