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Practical Magic

March 22, 2015

Hey guys. This is my first skillshare class. I've gone through a bit of the process of this assignment already, but I wanted to share what I have so far so that I can get feedback.

Okay, here goes. I read "Practical Magic" by Alice Hoffman. It's a story about two sisters who couldn't be more different but grow closer when something tragic occurs. They learn to love each other and perservere through all that's gone wrong. So, I began with writing key elements from the story.

-purple lilacs

-Gillian Owens, Sally Owens. Antonia, Kylie

-Hot, steamy weather


-gray eyes-drowning

These are only a few of the words I wrote down. Next I did some sketches (I apologize for how crude the pics are)

I decided to stick with the lilac theme. The lilacs are prominent imagery throughout the book and they represent, to me, the sisters (Sally and Gillian) relationship. At first it's a pain and they are together more out of necessity, but then they work together and grow closer. The lilacs help heal their relationship.

So, I made a pretty simple letterform with lilacs on it. I wanted to have some sort of motion moving throughout the stable letterform.

This is where I'm at currently. I would love feedback! Again, this is just a simple placement of lilacs on the letter 'H'. I wanted to put something down before I continue. Thank you!


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