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Gillian Dreher

Designer + Illustrator in Oakland, CA



Practical Fine Art Inkjet Printing

UPDATE: I finished my class! Please let me know what you think and thanks so much everyone for all the help!


Hi everyone! For the past couple of years I've been venturing into the world of at-home digital fine art printing and selling my prints online. It took a long time for me to gather the information I needed to make educated decisions as to which path I should go down with my printing, so I've decided to make a class that will make the process and options clearer for others! I'm excited to get started and to complete the October Teach Challenge!

Here's an idea of the sort of prints I'll be focusing on creating in the class:



Want to get started selling prints of your drawings, paintings, or other visual works but not sure where to start? Intimidated at the idea of spending a ton of money on a stack of expensive high-quality prints that may or may not sell? Constantly lost in the printer aisle of Best Buy? This is the course for you! Through a series of 5 lessons you'll learn all about different printing options and paper choices, get some real life printing and packaging tips, and figure out once and for all which printing process makes the most sense for your business. 

CLASS PROJECT: Create a fine art print


  • Inkjet printer (or, if preferred, a neighborhood print shop or online printer)(my printer)
  • Fine art inkjet paper (order a sample pack here)
  • Scanner or digital camera if digitizing traditional artwork
  • Computer with Adobe Photoshop (30 day free trial here)
  • Exacto knife or box cutter
  • Optional: chipboard, plastic sleeve, rigid cardboard shipping envelope

STEP 1: Share your original artwork

What work would you like to turn into an art print? Scan or photograph your image and then share a .jpg or .png of your artwork to your project.

STEP 2: Choose your print method

Taking into account all the options listed in lesson one, choose the method that seems like the best fit for your needs. Post your decision and the reason(s) why you chose that method to your project.

STEP 3: Create your print

  1. Import your image into photoshop and clean it up and resize it so that it’s optimized for printing.
  2. Prepare to print. Make sure your screen is calibrated so colors appear accurately on your screen (print a test sheet). Be sure that you’re working in or printing with the correct color profile for your paper and printer.
  3. Print your image
  4. Take a photo of your print and post it to your project

STEP 4: Trim and pack your print

  1. Carefully mark where you want to trim your print and use an exacto knife or box cutter and sturdy ruler to trim the print down
  2. Trim a piece of chipboard to the size of your print or ½’’ larger than your print on the top and bottom, depending on your preference
  3. Slip your print and chipboard into a clear plastic sleeve. If shipping, seal the sleeve and slip into an extra rigid mailer.
  4. If mailing, weigh your envelope and visit paypal’s print and ship service here to print a label for your package.

Congratulations! You’ve got an art print business!




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