Praat (Dutch for "Talk")

Praat (Dutch for "Talk") - student project

I've used this workshop to start my podcast "Praat", which is the Dutch word for "Talk".

What's the central theme? I want to hear from people who are not heard all too often in regular media, because their not important enough, big enough or loud enough, but who have something interesting to say.

Who's your audience of one? The person who wants to keep learning by meeting new interesting people.

Do you have a structure? What's your central question? The central format will consist of four questions:

1. Who are you, according to you?

2. How do you know me?

3. What are you hopeful about?

4. What is a very big challenge, in your eyes?

Software/equipment? I already owned a Rode Podcaster mic, but this workshop taught me about Zencastr which I'm going to test. I'm using Simplecast to host it.

More? You can visit it at