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Powering Hope

2 Billion people.  No light.

It's easy to understand that there are people on this planet with limited access to energy. The hard part comes when you ask what is the best way to bring them energy solutions. More importantly, how do we measure our impact and how do we measure it well?

 My goal is to partner with exisitng and responsible non-profits, NGO's, and government agencies operating in the hardest places where reliable and clean energy is non-existent.  These partnerships grant me access to established clientele and builds upon the ground work that these new partner have laid out.  My job will be to use my solar experience, power their organization, power their people, and help them make a deeper impact.

I hope to research new ways to meter solar, monitor its use online, and manage solar projects using local, in-country resources.

We have completed (2) projects so far:

Powering Hope: Haiti- Partners in Development

Powering Hope: Kenya-New Dawn School


  • Electrical engineer to develop micro solar products- outsourse (later)
  • Videographer to travel with me to document inital work for marketing purposes

Assets I Need to Procure:

  • My own functioning off-grid solar system for testing, training, presentations, and marketing purposes. (take my office off grid?)  ($3000)
  • XERO: accounting software ($70/mo)
  • Float: cash flow forecasting ($20/mo)
  • MacBook Pro ($1400)
  • iPad mini ($500)
  • Square Space Website ($8-$16)
  • Office Equipment ($800)


  • Kickstarter to launch "pilot" consulting project with a well known non-profit in order to execute plans that I come up with to address energy problems
  • Also serves to build a tribe?


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