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Powerful Portraits of Strangers...Without Feeling Awkward About It

There's a quality of strong portrait that's seemingly reserved for celebrity (with reason, mind you, as these images are the result of talent and years that comes with a price). I would like to create the same sort of strong portrait for normal, everyday people whose little, day-to-day choices do, in fact, impact our world. 

This endeavor is hindered to no small degree by my own self-doubt, a newly developed social anxiety, and a staggeringly terrible lack of appropriate gear and experience. I find speaking to strangers extremely difficult and almost paralyzing. I still, though, for some reason have this bug about me that insists I need to perform this service. I've spent my time learning light by myself, practicing on myself, which is a hazardous proposition when one is not as attractive as one should be to engage in a self-portrait project successfully. These sample images of my progress illustrate how I've grown and how far I have to go (of note: I don't like my face. Clearly):

In an effort to get over this fear I have of strangers, I'd begun to experiment with mobile phone street photography. I've incidentally taken to tagging these photos with "Creepy Phone," as I find this sort of street photography to be the creepiest sort, and no amount of doing it myself has made me any more comfortable with it. I continue to feel extraordinarily creepy while attempting to take these photos:

It's my intention to somehow, via some unknown thaumaturgical miracle, combine awkward photos of myself with creepy photos of strangers into an amalgam  project where I take good photos of strangers I've spoken to. I will fail at this, but I might just try.


Below is my Mood Board, showing the sort of strong, magazine cover portrat I'd like to provide for those whose efforts to do good on a smaller level still count for a lot.

We, all of us, contribute in our own way, however small, to the goodness and wholeness of our world and its culture. Everyone deserves an opportunity to appear significant. After all, the highly revered and powerful grey wizard Gandalf tells us:

"I found it is the small everyday deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay… small acts of kindness and love."


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