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Powerful Beyond Measure

I wake up every morning thinking I’m going to get everything done.... and then get overwhelmed and am not effective. Its takes major work for me to stay on task. My brain is really working and ON! and I am curious to see what it can do, however disorganization and inefficiency get in my way. I spend so much time organizing papers and stacks and folders... there's little time for good quality thinking. I have a habit of not completing tasks that I start.  I feel like there's a list of good ideas that would help my business and work, but it rarely comes to life. Nothing motivates like a deadline, but there is a sense of satisfaction I get from crossing things of my list. Its not an organized list, but its better than no list. I usually use Siri to create lists while I’m walking and then print them out. That’s all for now... I'm looking forward to taking the first assessment and will keep you posted on the results.



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