Power of Silly | Skillshare Projects

Erin Dorholt

Designer & Illustrator



Power of Silly

Okay, now that I've obsessed probably too much about this for one weekend, I think I'm FINALLY happy and finished.  I just wasn't satisfied with the "silly" and seeing it on the screen, I wanted it to be brighter and happier, but still with texture.  This is where I ended up.  I really like how the balloon letters worked out, and with the paper texture too.  I'm not going to rework this again.  Probably...

After looking at my earlier go on the screen a few times, I knew I wasn't happy with the "silly".  So I reworked that into a script and then got to work on the textures.  I'm pretty happy with it!  Great class!

Well, here's where I am so far.  Overall, I like how it's coming along, but think I'll continue to refine the texture.  

I wanted a quote that I actually believe in, and came across this one by one of my favorites, Amy Poehler.  Looking forward to working on this further, especially the color and texture, but first I need to finalize the layout.


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