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Dana Zamir




Power girls childhood :)

I consider my childhood until the age of 10.

I have to admit I was surprise what I found out about my childhood after digging into my influences. I explained my choices below- it's kind of long (sorry)

.1. E.T- has to no. 1; it is my first live action film, and open a door for magical world in the "real world" rather than animation and cartoon.  I was 5 years old, one I watched for the first time. I watched I twice at my grandparents' house, afterwards my dad rent it for me again.

.2. The Lucky Pacifier- it's a childhood book. It's a story about a kid his parents trying requite pacifier when his 40 years old uncle come to visit, and finds out he still has a pacifier himself. The two learn to quit together. It's a beautiful story of growing up, and the contradiction of the grown up wants to be a kid. I love to illustrations too.

.3. Once upon a time…life- a TV animated series that teach you about the human body. Can't be better than that. I loved the theme song, the characters; it was fun, aesthetic and educational.

.4. She-Ra- Princes of Power- because she pretty, kickass and she rides (fly) on a unicorn. I still dream, I will dress-up like her for Halloween.

.5. Lady Jaye- for me G.I Joe is Lady Jaye, I watched to show because of her, the man were boring, I just waited for her to act. I even cut my hair has her when I was a kid (I still like to cut my hair short from time to time). Another powerful woman.

.6. Firestar- Spiderman and his amazing friends. I didn't remember she was part of an assemble, I just remembered her (I was kind of disappointed to find out about now, when I was searching my influence). The good news she was created especially for the series, only later she joined the x-men.

.7. Ariel- The little mermaid. My favorite Disney movie (until Zootopia came in). The ocean. Great colors. Songs- under the sea- I think it my Disney fav of all time. I watched it a gazillion times. Because of this movie my English skills were improved a lot, and I was just a kid where English is not a second language in her country.I guess I always loved strong, kick-ass powerful woman. As a grownup, I realize the problem in their looks and my perception of beauty in my life…

 8. The Jetsons- because the made the future look so cool and I still look forward the have this kind of a future. It has crazy colors and the art is so cool.9.     The labyrinth- I watched it at school as a kid in enrichment program. For me it was another magic come to life, although for most kids it as scary. The feel the movie gave me, stayed with me for years, and I had no one to share (even in film school), only lately, I found partners in crime.

.10. Looney Tunes- What's Opera Doc? I had a little more space so I gave it the recognition. I had many Looney Tunes video has a kid. I watched it endlessly. While digging into my childhood I remember the Looney Tunes- The opera is the most remembered for me, I think it's a crazy one- really feels looney, but spectacular, thinking of bringing a known opera to the kids world. I think it's kind of an avant-garde. It just proves that a child can love everything depends how you serve it. 

Thank you Christine for reminding me my childhood J it felt like it happened forever ago ;)


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