Power Out

Power Out - student project


"Where there is a lack of order, there is bound to be chaos."

Power Out - the one week of the year in which the cool and totally unfair superpowers of superheroes vanish into thin air. Vick is a villain. Ed is a superhero. Throw in an accidental hostage situation, some badly timed innuendos, and a "financial misunderstanding" - what could possibly go wrong?

E X T E N D E D  S U M M A R Y

“Where there is a lack of order, there is bound to be chaos.”

Vick (known as Incognito to the rest of the world) is a villain in the purest sense. She robs banks, steals valuable items, and occasionally makes the people she doesn’t like suffer. She lives in fear of the superheroes – her natural born enemies gifted with cool and totally unfair superpowers. But every year during the week of October thirty-first when for some mysterious reason the powers of the gifted disappear, the playing field is leveled for Vick and her fellow villains to seek revenge and wreak havoc on the earth. They call it Power Out.

        During the time where all the “brave and courageous” run to their summer homes to hide in fear, the last person she expects to accidentally take hostage during the first bank robbery of Power Out is the renowned Bloodbender. A superhero blessed with the gift of mind control and a more than wealthy family, he is everything Vick hates. Given the once in a lifetime opportunity, she has no choice but to kidnap him. Even if it means revealing her identity as Incognito and having deep conversations about Top Gun, so be it. Because she’s got the most loved superhero in New York locked in her closet, and she intends to keep it that way.

        But then strange things start happening – villains start going missing, one by one until they wash ashore, their bodies cold and rigid and indefinitely dead. There’s a new villain in town, and Vick has to decide – is Bloodbender worth giving up the lives of the (somewhat villainous) people she cares about?


F U L L  C O V E R

(made by me)


Power Out - image 1 - student project

O T H E R  C O V E R S

(first one made by me, second made by @soundthealarm on wattpad, and the third by @offline- on wattpad).

Power Out - image 2 - student project

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Power Out - image 4 - student project

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July, 2015: Brainstorming 

August, 2015: Actual Writing

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