Pouring Vessel Mapping Project-Guemes Island-Imaginary-kinda

Project Update:

So I've decided it's going to probably be a good month before this project is completed. This class has been a great start to my project and I've really enjoyed all the resources and inspiration.  It's been great being a part of this.

Part Two of Project/Project Update:

So I'm still working on designing the actual form for this project. I've decided to make a teapot and have the spout and handle completed but have still not finished with rest of the teapot. I have uploaded a map of Guemes Island (where I used to live) and have altered it in Photoshop. Doing this exercise, I realized I have lost any photoshop skills I ever had. As a result i"m now on the search for some easy to understand tutorials regarding working in photoshop. I've taken the map of the island and divided it into sections. I'm hoping to illustrate fun things to do and see on the island, on the teapot, through this map.  This is where it's at at the moment. Hopefully I can make some real progress soon.

Any comments/ideas/tips/inspiration would be much appreciated.



For my project I would like to incorporate map imagary into a ceramic pouring vessel I am planning.

Currently, I don't have the vessel or the map figured out.

Below are 5 quick sketches of maps I'm considering. The maps are of the following:

1. The first map would be divided into three sections. The first section being a photo of a place that is important to me. The second and third part of the map would be 2 distinct colors that are representative to the place. OK. Maybe this ideas if more about place than mapping.

2. The second map is about all of the places that I have lived. I would have each location be symbolized by something that I feel is important to me and/or the place. I'm currently planning some type of path to connect these locations.

3. The third map is of my life on Guemes Island and the importation locations there to me. Currently I do not live there but we do have guests stay at the house and I think it would be nice to have a teapot there that showed all the places on the island that are special to me.

4. The fourth map I am considering is of my current life in Anchorage and the locations that play a part of my daily life here. I would like to kind of do the same idea as in map three. Again, we have guests here and I think a teapot with significant locations to me in the community would be a nice starting point for conversation.

5. The fifth map option I am considering is of wildlife refuges in AK. I have applied to do a residency with the National Park service here in Alaska and am using this opportunity a as starting off point for such an opportunity.

Your feedback in regards to these ideas and any possibilities you can see from this would be greatly appreciated.


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