Pottery on the Wheel: Throw a Beautiful Bowl

In this class, I will be demonstrating how to throw a pottery bowl on the potter's wheel.  We will be focusing on tools used, the process of bowl throwing and trimming and tips on how to take your bowls from ordinary to extraordinary.

Video Lesson Outline:  Throw a Beautiful Bowl

Lesson 1)  What makes a beautiful bowl

Talking head/ whiteboard

2 to 3 minutes

Describing the characteristics of a beautiful hand thrown bowl.  Pointing out the pitfalls.

Lesson 2)  Tools needed

Physical Demo

2 minutes

A look at the tools and supplies that you will need for this project

Lesson 3)  Centering and opening the clay

Physical Demo

2 - 3 minutes

Centering and opening your clay on the wheel

Lesson 4 Pulling your walls

Physical Demo

5 to 8 minutes

How to pull up the walls of your bowl smoothly, evenly and with control.  


Lesson 5)  Final Shaping

Physical Demo

2 - 5 minutes

Refining the final curve of the walls, finishing the lip, trimming away excess clay

Lesson 6)  Take the bowl off the wheel

Physical Demo

2 minutes

How to safely move your bowl off the wheel for drying

Lesson 7) Trimming

Physical Demo

3 to 5 minutes

Refine the outside shape of your walls and trim a foot ring

Lesson 8) Wrap up

Talking head

2 minutes or less


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