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Potent Quotables

Hi classmates! 

I had such a fun time with Molly's class and am still a relative newbie to calligraphy. But I feel very inspired and can't wait to practice with different projects and mediums. Really need to focus on developing my own style and could use some practice with flourishes, overall layout, etc. but having a good time getting the letterforms down. 

Smeared my ink a little on this one. Also had a blobbing (that's a word, right?) with the second capital I. But overall was pretty pleased with quote! Used Sumi Ink 60 which is really my favorite thus far - can't remember which nib this was. The Sumi takes longer than I usually anticipate to dry and I get impatient with my trigger eraser finger. All of the samples I've uploaded here were penciled in first. I really find that helps me with spacing and making sure everything is even. 

From one of my favorite movies of all time. Is it just me or are captial I's really tricky? 

I'm a big Tom Robbins fan and had a fun time experimenting with a little white and black action on this one: 

This is with the Nikko G nib and white Dr. Ph Martin's ink. I did have some trouble with the white ink, especailly with the hairlines and the fine point of the nib. Found myself having to go back over the upstrokes on most. Did the same flourish on the G descender on tihs one - again, really want to focus on developing a more unique style and experimenting more wtih flourishes. Baby steps! 

Will try to keep uploading as I continue to practice, but definitely welcome any comments or feedback. 

Update 10/9/14 

Been practicing quite a bit and having so much fun with Molly's techniques! This one is actually hand-drawn and then scanned in and digitized using Illustrator and Photoshop. The quote is a lyric from an Iron & Wine song that was our first dance at my husband and I's wedding last year. I gave it a gold foil overlay in Photoshop and paired it with a photo from our wedding - the photographer got this great snapshot of us in the bridal suite just before being introduced at the reception. I thought it was a nice match. Printed the whole thing up and gave it as a card to my husband for our first anniversary (Yay Paper!). 

Scanned ink drawing: 

Final piece: 


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