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My brand name is Posture.

What do I sell? I develop brand identities for entrepreneurs that distinctively tell their story through graphical elements and visual styling.

What is the price range of my services? $500-$3000

What 3 words best describe me? Approachable, Hardworking, Distinctive

What 3 words best describe my business? Approachable, Creative, Distinctive

What 3 words best describe my style? Expressive, Colorful, Casual

What are my favorite brands and why:

Bookhou - love their designs and prints, great Instagram photos, friendly and approachable
ASOS - approachable, variety, distinctive
Joe’s - hardworking, stylish, lasting
Apple - trendy, well-made, simple
Frye’s - timeless, well-made, stylish
Lamb - distinctive, one-of-a-kind

What’s my customer’s emotional response to my brand and the brand experience? Enthusiastic, excited, inspired, ready to take action

Where do I currently sell my services? Personal website

Where would I like to sell my services in the future? Personal website, Facebook, Instagram

Where do I see my business in 1 year? Posture has a solid online portfolio of client work, a steady client list and a concrete direction and footing.

in 5 years? My business partner and I are able to work our business full-time and our clients have grown from individual entrepreneurs to larger small businesses and startups.

in 10 years? We have matured to a design studio with offices on both coasts and a few employees.

Who is my ideal client? Individual entrepreneurs, constantly on-the-go, always working with hardly any time to brand themselves. Outgoing, passionate about a particular cause, late 20s to early 30s.

What’s my brand name? Posture

Brand statement: Distinctive visual brand identity created in print and online for small businesses and entrepreneurs.



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