At the end of my pregnancy I started getting really excited about exercising after labour. Had an unplanned ceasarian which prolonged the start with three months. But then I finally started doing HIIT at home and loved it! Felt disconnected from other motivated people, being at home doing my workouts, so I found Fitocracy. Hurray!

Started to learn a bunch of new things there which lead to an understanding about where I am at with my body today. I have had a posture problem for years without realizing that it was a problem. It's very common and it's called Anterior pelvic tilt. When I read about it I had many lightbulb moments, reoccuring strain on hamstrings, strange pain front of hip, unattractive posture and tense neck muscles.

I'm looking forward to train compund exercises, but first things first. Need to get the basics working first.

I enrolled this course out of curiosity and for the need to know more about body, exercise and food.



  • Psoas+ Iliacus
  • Rectus Femoris
  • TFL
  • Spinal Erectors
Building up
  • Glutes
  • Hamstrings
  • Abs
  • Upper back
22 jan
I was helping my daughter to get to the floor and when my back was bent forward an exploding ache when through my pelvis. I couldn't repeat that move during the rest of the day without pain. I think it's a receipt that my muscles are getting stronger because glutes and hamstrings are starting to pull on the pelvis too now. Have to do more stretching to release the tension. Should be added that the pain in my pelvis probably is from SPD not completely healing yet which one notices from having done to much exercise. Now I know my limit.

15 jan

Have had nice hamstring-tension for two days after exercising. I've also stretched out each day (front of legs, back) to balance my hip. Today i was really close straining the hamstring again by leaning forward to throw some trash  :-( but luckily i stopped the movement in time.


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