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Posting a Status on Facebook page

  • I type into my chrome browser.
  •  The request is sent to DNS server which will translate it into an IP address.
  •  In case that particular DNS server can't find that IP address it sends the request to another DNS server  which will then send that address back to the first DNS  server which in turn caches it for future use and sends it back to my chrome browser.
  •  The chrome browser on my laptop will then send the request to the facebook server having that IP address.
  • The facebook server sends data packets to my chrome browser which then displays them via HTML, JavaScript and CSS.
  • I then enter my login details through the facebook homepage which are sent to their database on their back-end server for verification, possibly using SQL, C# or Java.
  •  If my login details are correct then I am logged in to my facebook profile page.
  • I then type my current status in the box on my profile page and click on Post.
  • The information is sent to the Facebook server and updated in its database using SQL, C# or Java.
  • My posted status is displayed in my facebook profile page via HTML, CSS and JavaScript.



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