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Ashley Postiff

Graphic Designer



Postiff Family Crest

My family was never into talking about heritage or our family background so I decided to create a crests that represents my childhood more or less. The stuff that makes me tick today. 


+ Caesarland - A family fun center that served delicious Little Caesar's pizza

+ Wood Panel Pontiac Van - The "woody" van that got me to soccer practice

+ Pug - I saw "Milo & Otis" for the first time in kindegarten and afterwards my family immediately bought a pug

+ Royal Oak - The Detroit suburb I've lived in my entire life

+ TGIF - Thank God It's Friday! Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Boy Meets World, etc.

+ Soccer Patches - Played soccer forever and got these awesome patches...great shield inspiration

+ "So, so, suck your toe..." - My mom would always say this when I was being a brat


A few variations on my family crest.


So, so, suck your toe all the way to Mexico!


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