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Vinyl Hamster, in case you're curious, is the band name I proposed to my (grown) son when he and I were discussing band names seeming to have "something man-made" + "something natural" (see: Iron Butterfly, Galvanized Toadstools, etc.), and it seems to have stuck as a proposed band name much better than Mercerized Giraffes did. As for Higher Ground... Well, in these parts apparently addresses are "way too mainstream"... either that or people are tacitly acknowledging that it's the only venue we actually seem to have (besides the State Fair) which any even moderately successful band might play... that and it's behind the Burger King on Rt. 2 in South Burlington, but Burlington proper won't acknowledge that fact. 


And what if Vinyl Hamster was a grunge rock band? I'm apparently old, I'm not sure what the difference is between "Indie" and "Grunge" - level of homelessness or number of suicide attempts total for the band? I know, I know, tasteless... *evil grin* 


Oh look! Bands I've actually heard of that I'd even listen to. No, I'm not old enough to have gone to Woodstock (not even as a fetus), and my parents were definitely not 'groovy' enough to have gone either, but I did grow up on this sort of music (yay for parental time warps, right?). I picked the dates for Woodstock, though, even though neither the Rolling Stones nor Iron Butterfly played. I could have put in Canned Heat, but they irritate the bejezus out of me. 


And a nod towards my own entirely regrettable 'rap phase'... Trust me, it was awkward, and not in an endearing sense. Well, at least I had legs worth remarking on at the time... it's something!


Followed directions... mostly... I rather liked the lower case a being that messy, though... rather looks like the mud trickling down the sides of the pick up trucks around here... *sigh* Put a city girl in the country and make her listen to the stuff (cringe). I can't say I've always been gracious about it. 


I'm just going to say I'm glad it's dead... musically, anyway. Neon and glitz and shiny pretty things we could probably use more of for life in general... Looking at it, I probably should have 'turned down the volume' on those equalizer bars, but what's the sense in listening to music to dance to with the sound turned down? :) And this wouldn't make a bad poster with different text for Rick James... a grown man unafraid of body & hair glitter, truly a man before his time. LOL!


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