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Alvaro Cañete

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Posters for GIANT (1956 film)

“Giant” is one of my favourite films ever, not only because of the cast and their great performances but also because it addresses universal themes of human nature: love, ambition, racial conflicts, frustration, etc. These themes are not easily identifiable with objects and actions, so I have had to make an extra effort when thinking about the list of nouns and verbs (see below).

I have made two designs. In the first one I have applied the following principles:

  • Tell a story. I have focused on the three main characters, and the relationships between them: two men are in love with the same woman, and there is also a rivalry between them. The oil is the source of richness for one of the men, but also it carries ambition and greed, and eventually frustration (the inability to be with the woman he loves).
  • Overlapping: the characters’ faces overlap, suggesting an emotional relationship among them, with Leslie in the middle.
  • Assault the surface: I have used a texture for the poster, imitating an old sheet, and I have got it dirty using a black ink effect, suggesting that oil is a fourth character in the movie, which transforms the relations among Bic, Leslie, and Jett.
  • Activate the diagonal: the horizon line has a descending angle, suggesting the passing of time, with the house in the middle (the movie tells a story for more than 20 years).
  • Focus the eye: the eye is guided from the characters on the top towards the right, where it meets the diagonal of the horizon.

This is the list of words, sketches, and final artworks of the first design.





My second design focuses on the character of Jett, showing his two halves: the emotional one, in love with Leslie, and the dark one, which ambitions money and a switch of social class. The oil well fits in the middle, dividing the halves. Here the principles are overlapping, assault the surface, and tell a story.

This is the list of words, sketches, and final artworks of the second design.




Finally, I would like to thank Ellen for her amazing classes; I'm looking forward to reading her book, "How Posters Work". Thank you so much.


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