Poster in Photoshop

Poster in Photoshop - student project

I created this poster with digital watercolors, but I wanted to push my digital skills a bit further, so I painted this portrait 100% digitally. Here are some variations:

Poster in Photoshop - image 1 - student project

huh, I'm not yet accustomed to digital painting, but still it was a fun activity :)


Poster :

I painted this blue-ish watercolor background a while ago, so I digitized it with my scanner. First I created the text, a big bold sans-serif with a handwritten font.  I put some stars around it.
Poster in Photoshop - image 2 - student project


Then on another layer, I created the yellow splatters with Kyle's watercolor brushes.

Finally on the top layer I put some white splatters ( also with Kyle's brushes). I painted the white splatters in the top left and bottom right corner, to kind of balance out the design.

This is the final poster: 


Poster in Photoshop - image 3 - student project