Alexandre Soares Da Silva

I am a Designer, Illustrator, Father and Friend



Poster for the Third Regional School of High Performance of Rio de Janeiro

The Third Regional High School Performance of Rio de Janeiro (ERAD / RJ - 2017) aims to promote the study and research in the areas of Computer Architecture, High Performance Computing, Distributed Systems and Applications, qualify state professionals in that make up the high performance Processing and provide a regular forum where they can be presented recent advances in this area and discuss the high performance teaching ways in universities and research institutes in the state of Rio de Janeiro.

The poster for the event to be dynamic and impactful. 

Asymmetry contributes to the state and sense of movement, and it was my choice for the layout. I drew the typography of the logo and for the rest of the set, I opted for a sans-serif font, the "Droid Sans".

I like to experiment with limited color palettes. For the poster, two-tone, a light green and a darker blue.


Please give me opinions about it. Is very important to me! From now and on thanks! Alexandre


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