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Poster for my children's room

I have been meaning to make different things for my kids that will inspire them. I eventually want to make a wall of quotes that speak to me and hopefully to my kids that I hope they can take with them once they are older. The quote I choose for this project is by Nelson Mandela.. ''May your choices reflect your Hopes and not your Fears". I think its so beautiful and I hope my life is a reflection of that and so does my childrens.

So here are some of the inspirations.

Here are some of my inspirations

So this being said I have never done lettering and I was very excited. I started writing and started drawing




It actually became harder and harder as I drew. I also got pretty overwhelmed looking at all these amazing projects. There are many more pages of work but I will spare you all from all those drawings.

Here was the final version that I settled down with.

I started to vectorize is and after tracing all the stuff I realized there is something called live trace (opps!!). Finally I added some color and cleaned out more. Here are the two final versions:

I am not so sure if I still love it. However I am so tired of looking at it at so I would love to get some critique. More updates are going to come hopefully!! 

Thank you Mary Kate I really enjoyed your class. It was really fun!


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