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Poster for Murder By Death and Man Man concert at Paradise Lounge in Boston MA, March 1st

Hi you guys,

Silvi here, im a designer, illustrator and printmaker working in Boston, USA. 

here's some links to my work, it will be helpful to see how these sketches will develop:

So Im going to this concert on March 1st and i thought it would be a great idea to make the poster for this class about the two bands. Im an illustrator and designer and usually draw my posters from scratch and for this class i want to combine both drawing and computer elements together, either draw it then do textures in illustrator or photoshop, or draw it all as a vector art piece. 

I keep imagining the poster being a birthed animal of some sort, in a couple of my sketches theres bugs with half the body as a skull holding a bleeding rose, or a deer holding a dead red tail hawk in his mouth- this poster im imagining the antlers being covered in snow since we just had a huge snowstorm in boston, probably in dark background with silver inks. the music to me sounds sad and creepy from the singer so i always imagine creepy strange things when i listen to their music, same with man man so i wanted to take this poster on that route. 

i know my sketches are very rough, i always start that way, so if you see anything or a direction you like please let me know. im leaning toward the bug with the skull body with the rose. 

heres some inspiration photos:

hope you guys get an idea of what im doing here.

thanks for your comments in advance. 


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