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Poster for Ensemble Polaris in Toronto

These are the sketches I came up with for the poster. The band is based in Toronto and plays folk music from the North: Russia, Norway, Canada, Sweden, Italy (I know I know, Italy is not in the North, but it's cool!)...

So I start doing some research on what Polaris actually is and I find it's the North Star, perfectly aligned with the Earth axis, so that from the Earth it looks like all the stars spin around it. So that's one clue. And I brainstorm on all the words/concept that Polaris remind me and try to pick a few: colorful, spontaneous, variety, happy, stars, ice, travel.

I don't have problems coming up with ideas. I can go on and on creating new sketches, expecially with some good reference books open in front of me. My problem is picking one of my sketches, deciding on which one to finalize.


I think of Polaris as an exploring spaceship/astronaut, traveling through time and space.

Or as an enormous ice block with the name of the band embedded.




and I play with typefaces that could make sense with the ice, stars and travelling concepts.



Ok. By the time I'm done uploading all the sketches...I have new ideas that appeal to me more!


If I listen to my gut, I'm gonna sketch and sketch forever!


May 19, 2015


Here's my space/timeship that wonders around arctic areas of the world, bringing different tunes and diverse people together.

Poster layout and lines: I kept my imperfect black sketch, because I like the imperfect hand traced lines.

Colors: I tried applying colors: I wanted a color palette that was "arctic" enough, without being "cold"!  :D So cyan was my first choice and the rest followed.

Legibility? I know... I have to work on the name of the band again.

Thanks for all the feedback you'd like to give and best of luck to everyone!



May 25, 2015


I was not really happy with my Option 1, so I started working on a different idea, the idea of northern architecture and... vikings.

Here's my sketches and my final idea. After I separated the colors, I realized I used 3 colors plus black! well...



and next is the print with another color palette, more vikingish I'd say.


I realized that it's really hard for me to draw simple stuff, even though I really like simple designs.

I now believe simplicity is reallly hard to achieve!

I'd like to add some white accents (like shadow to the text or white windows), but I'm not sure.

What do you guys think of the print?


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