Poster Series: Poster 001

Poster Series: Poster 001 - student project

Alright folks, I decided to start making posters every day. This has really inspired me to amp up my creativity and blast these out routinely. So I'll start with the technique taught by Vasjen Katro.

I have this one in a place where I'm content. I might make some changes though. I'm up for critique and whatnot. Here it is!

Poster Series: Poster 001 - image 1 - student project

The role of the type:
I have been inspired by Nicholas Felton for years now. The details are variables that may impact my creative process during the creation. I'm not completely content with the layout, especially for web view. But it's in a good place. I suspect that these will be moved around from poster to poster. The variables will be consistent.

Winter Schatz
Graphic Design, Motion Graphics