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Poster: La Belle et la Bete

Hi everyone! My name is Kerry and I'm working in a completely non-creative industry (management consulting for healthcare) in Boston. However, I'm currently considering a career switch into advertising, at this point mostly in my spare time. I'm really excited to that this class is available on SkillShare since brushing up on Illustrator skills was a definite must and the flexibility of these classes is great! 

I will be attempting to replicate this poster designed by Tom Whalen, who's got a portfolio of great posters and illustrations. I've noticed a few people have also selected his work for their projects. Find more of his stuff here

I picked this poster because I love the story of Beauty and the Beast, ever since I was a kid. This particular poster really captures the drama of the story. Looking forward to attempting it!


Been working on blocking out the different shapes in the beast's face. Here's a snapshot of the progress so far:


After blocking out the majority of the beast, I filled in the colors to see how it turned out. I love how ominous he looks! I'll probably start blocking out La Belle next, before I go for the details on the beast's horn, collar and the roses on his suit.

Shapes for La Belle complete:

Details of the Beast's horns, face & ears added:


Finished :P

Here's a detail of the roses, buttons, and La Belle:


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