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Poster "Bohemian Nights"

I chose this poster, as I thought it could give me good challenges, especially in terms of textures and lines.

[Original Image]


So far I created most basic shapes and texts in Illustrator as follows. Through this work, I could understand this poster's composition better and I have so much respect for the designer who had originally created this.

I will now move onto applying textures to this piece.


I started applying textures and brush strokes, but it was much more difficult than I had thought. So far, the below is what I could achieve.

I created my own textures in Photoshop, then placed it into Illustrator as TIFF, but those bitmap textures looked too sharp around edges for my poster, so I used a lot of blur effects in Illustrator and that made my file very heavy. I don't know if I could do in any other ways, unless I use Photoshop to apply textures. I also haven't figured out how I can have the total control over the appearance of art brush, so some lines' thickness aren't quite the same with the original poster.

I wonder if I keep adding more textures and more blur effects on the background and the texts my file might become too heavy to work with. I will try and see...


So the below is my final piece. I applied lots of textures and also used a lot of effects in Illustrator, and in the end my file size became 23MB and my computer became a bit slow, but it wasn't as bad as I was afraid.

There are still a lot of mystery about Illustrator for me, especially textures and lines, but I think I also learned a lot from this excercise.


Here is my (real) final version!

After receiving constructive feedbacks from my peer classmates, I made several changes including the typography. This time I used pen tool and tweaked texts, so that they look more similar to the ones in the original poster. I'm more happy with this version, as I think this one captures the feel of the original poster better.


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